Home Schooling Department.

Three Rivers Learning Academy follows the IMPAQ curriculum. IMPAQ is CAPS aligned and internationally recognised.

Gr. 12 learners receives a NQF level 4 qualification. Learners are able to return to main stream schools if they wish to do so. Together with these advantages the educational books and resources are colourful, effective, current and fun to work with. We are a registered as an IMPAQ centre number H8411. This means that all exams and tests are written, marked, moderated and marks are captured at our centre. Our qualified educators develop lesson plans, exam time tables and study notes.

We are able to cater for gr. R – gr. 9 in 2022 and in 2024 gr. 10 – gr. 12. Our gr RR learners follows the gr. R IMPAQ curriculum in order to prepare them as best we can for gr. 1.

Three Rivers Learning Academy’s Home Schooling program prices include:

Note: These prices are excluding the IMPAQ fees.

  • 2X meals
  • 1X snack
  • Water / cold drink
  • Aftercare
  • Exams and formal assessments are done at the centre.
  • Marks are captured
  • Report cards generated
  • Extra mural activitie

The cost involve will be as follow (excluding IMPAQ fees):