Three Rivers Learning Academy started with a dream. A dream of two teachers with Special Needs qualifications and experience, that one day they will have a centre of their own focusing on helping learners of all ages who are struggling academically. So many learners are missing milestones and are struggling with barriers to learning. Our dream was to help learners in small classrooms to ensure individual attention.

In July of 2020 Sherley started with one aftercare learner and her two daughters at her home, while searching for the perfect premises. Ansie joined this adventure in September 2020 with her two children.

As parents and qualified educators we understand the concerns and struggles parents go through. Three Rivers Learning Academy has since been growing into a high functioning academic centre with the following advantages:

  • Qualified educators.
  • CCTV cameras.
  • Small classrooms
  • Four academic departments:
  1. IMPAQ Home schooling.
  2. EDC Academy (Early Childhood Development)
  3. Aftercare and transport.
  4. Extra classes

Our dream has become a reality.