Three Rivers Learning Academy develops a child holistically.

Homework assistance, extra classes, exam preparation, transportation as well as meals and refreshments. We specialize in home schooling following the IMPAQ curriculum ( registered as an IMPAQ centre) Our teachers are trained in a variety of learning disabilities such as learners with ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia. First aid training and CCTV for the safety of our learners.

Extra Classes

We offer extra classes in - English, Afrikaans and Mathematics.

Home schooling

We specialize in Home Schooling solutions for the South African market. All of our content is written and developed by IMPAQ.


Three Rivers Learning Academy strive to equip learners from neighboring schools to perform academically at their best. There is transport available for surrounding schools.

ECD Academy

Our Academy strive you equip our young ones with enough knowledge to become the best person they can be. Our learners develop academically, emotionally and spiritually every day.